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the state has told calgagnio to stay away from the facilities because she is a threat to the area. >> it is important to find out what the philosophy is. >> reporter: the child care coordinator says that anxious parents of pre-schoolers should adopt a three-step method to find the child care center, in northern alameda county, the agency is called bananas. >> parents can ask for listings in their area, and can get that information on line or on the phone. >> reporter: next, call the license care organization and ask about facilities, if they have ever been cited. and visit the facilities while school is in and make sure it is a good fit for your child. >> and really you as a parent need to make sure that it is really a good fit for you. >> reporter: church officials say four or five students have been pulled from the school since the scandal broke.
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church officials say they don't know if there will be criminal charges filed or civil suits filed, as a result. live in pleasonton, terry mcsweeney. now to morgan hill pre-school teacher, accused of trying to drug her students with an over-the-counter sleep aid. she was accused of putting something in the sippy cups, she claims it was the first time. worried parents quickly picked up their children. >> sickening, sick to my stomach, i want to throw up, i just keep my kids home. i work for a daycare, too, so it is hard. >> police arrested the 59-year-old monday just yesterday after searching her home. g gratz is a five-year veteran of the school. and a mobile home park on edge after three young girls say
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a man approached them on the way to school. police released this sketch of the suspect. the girls told police he approached them near bellhaven school yesterday morning. investigators tell us the man matches the description of the suspect wanted in an indecent exposure case that happened in the same area last month. >> you never know who or what we're facing. what kind of people we're facing throughout the day. so yeah, i am a little concerned about it. >> i see kids walking by themselves all the time. you know? and in the morning, especially in the morning. and it is scary, because there is somebody out there trying to take our children. >> police searched the neighborhood but did not find the suspect. the girls told police he was driving a white work van. it is one of the bay area's most exclusive communities, and for years its crime rate has been small, but not anymore.
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the small peninsula city of los a altos has been seeing more crime. >> reporter: that is right, they're definitely not used to violent crime in the upscale city of 30,000 people. neighbors were stunned when they heard that armed robberies happened here, two of them at the bank of the west. >> it is absolutely shocking. so it is frightening, actually. >> reporter: the words frightening in los altos is rarely used here, but many in the sleepy town are wondering what is going on. >> all the more unbelievable here in los altos, you just never really hear about that here. >> reporter: in the past five weeks, thieves have hit it five times. the bank of the west twice. surveillance video caught two different masked gunmen robbing the teller and walking out the bank. the robbers also held up a
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comerica bank and a liquor store. >> we're all concerned, the police department is working to address the concerns of the public and trying to apprehend the suspects. >> reporter: the police chief says his city is already equal the total number of armed robberies in 2012. and it is only march. >> when you match the same number in o-- three months into the calendar year that you have all of last year, absolutely it is a concern. >> reporter: long-time neighbors are concerned it could get worse. >> you could move to robbing banks to home invasion, to stopping somebody walking along with two dogs, who knows? and the irony here is that just last week, the city of los altos was ranked the 23rd safest city in the country. the robbers in all of these cases are still out there. they have not been caught. live, in downtown los altos.
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and new on the death threats sent to david ye . the man bragged about his sniper skills and threatened to kill the state senator because of his efforts to tighten gun laws. he claimed to know where ye was, and found bomb-making materials in his home. no joke, an accountant in san leandro realized he was on oakland's most wanted list. it was a mistake, but he had to pay the price. what happened next sent the accountant into hiding. >> suddenly i was put all over the tv, the internet, and i was scared and nervous for my life. >> oakland police mistakenly connected him to a gang shooting. van eventually came forward but
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spent three days in jail before being released with an apology. his photo and name, however, remained on the most wanted list for six months. today he filed a lawsuit and asked the department to work aggressively to clear his name. the oakland city attorney had no comment pending an investigation. and big changes, a demand for more transparency at the silicon valley restaurants, major flaws have been exposed. >> reporter: right now, silicon valley restaurants are not graded or scored and they don't have to publicly post their inspection reports. last month, we uncovered how the system and restaurants are failing to provide diners with clear information. today, the board agreed. calling for major change. >> is there any sort of shorthand way for people to make an assessment of the relative
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cleanliness and healthiness of a particular location? >> reporter: the answer is no, which is why the department of environmental health sat before the board of supervisors today, to set ways to correct the system. >> the hope is that if we do this right we'll end up with restaurants and other food service establishments that are safer places for members of the public to go. >> reporter: it comes after our investigation last month exposed problems with the system. like the county's website. the inspection information lacked detail and context. making it virtually useless. so today, the board voted. >> all those in favor, say yes. >> reporter: to direct the department to transcribe and post inspector's notes on line. so the public knows what violations the restaurant was cited for, and why. >> we're looking at the latest inspection report. >> reporter: our investigation also exposed restaurants ignoring a state law that requires restaurants show you
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their inspection report if you ask to see it. but nine of the ten restaurants we visited with hidden cameras did not show the report. >> anybody asked is supposed to provide the inspection. >> reporter: the department will now look into possible penalties for those that don't comply. >> we're looking at the possibilities of the public to look on their phone book somewhere, and evaluate this restaurant versus that one. >> that is where grades come in. >> and if you're looking for food, one place with an a, one a d, that could impact your judgment. >> reporter: and that could finally happen in santa clara county. then they were directed to report back. >> our goal in the county is to hold restaurants accountable. >> i think we can make it simple and easy and give people the information they need to make informed choices and to give the restaurants some incentives to get it done right.
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nbc bay area news. >> and if you have a tip for an investigative unit, just call. or you can send us an e-mail to the unit at we want to make sure the food people are eating is safe. call them the produce police. only on nbc, we follow food inspectors as they test the fruits and vegetables you buy at local farmer's markets. we'll show you what they found. and the conclave is under way, a live look at st. peter's square, where day two of the voting is about to begin. the american candidates considered frontrunners, just ahead. also, healthy enough to play. a pivot albuquerqal night for t lincecum. and good evening, in petaluma, 74, details on who will hit 80 for tomorrow, coming up in just moments. hello?
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thick, unmistakable black smoke poured from the chimney at the sistine chapel, the sign the cardinals failed to elect a new pope but they will vote again in just a matter of hours. nbc's jay gray joins us outside the vatican, where it is 7:15 in the morning, jay, do any of the american cardinals have a chance of being elected pope? >> good morning, yes, i think they actually do. they certainly have the best chance they have had in the history of this church. and as they begin the second day of voting here, there are two that have specifically been focused on here. and we're talking first about
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cardinal sean o'malley, very quiet, humble man with a proven history of grass roots community outreach. so he would be good at growing the attendance, and some of the churches worldwide, which is very important for the church right now. he also has been looked at somebody who is very firm in handling a clergy involved in the sexual abuse scandal, which is obviously a problem that has lingered for the church, and something that the next pope will have to deal with. he has been called by those here in rome the least american of the u.s. candidates. the u.s. cardinals. so that would actually work in his favor, a lot believe, because he is not associated with the u.s. so it would not be as big a leap for many who are looking at who would lead to church next. next, cardinal timothy dolan, 63
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years old, head of the diocese, he has been called on for very important, prestigious assignments. and has spent more time in new york, very familiar with the ways of the vatican. he is also very well traveled, spent a lot of time on the road and is very good with the media, something they would like to be able to see the next pope do. >> okay, jay, thank you so much, live from rome, we will be watching that chimney today. it is a modern day version of the smoke signal. and of course, we'll tell you about that app coming up. but we want to let you know we have continuing coverage of the election of the pope on our website at and as soon as a decision is reached we'll bring it to you live. also, we take you where no bay area cameras have gone before. inside of a high tech lab where scientists are testing thousands of pounds of produce for illegal
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pesticides, the same produce you buy at the mark or order in restaurants. our investigation begins today with a surprise visit at the oakland produce market. nbc has the story you will see only on nbc. >> reporter: it is an early morning at the oakland produce market. trucks line the streets waiting the load and unload countless crates of food. most of the customers here are shopping for their own mom and pop markets and restaurants. but a select few are on another mission. paul ryan works for the department of regulation, or bpr, his job? to work on inspections across the state. >> some of the things we look for are these numbers, it is a traceable number, the brand name. where it was produced. >> reporter: these then get checked. bagged, and loaded into the cooler. ultimately they end up here at a sacramento lab where they're tested for illegal levels of
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pesticides. >> we have a screen of over 300 compounds that we look for and report that back to dpr. >> reporter: these lab coats are here, as they work, pack and add chemicals to the oakland samples before putting them in new high tech machines. and in less than an hour, these machines determine whether there is too much pesticides. ultimately, the question is, is it safe for you to eat. today, that answer is yes, the 18 samples taken from the oakland produce market all passed, falling in line with recent data from the pesticide regulation. where the majority of them comply with the pesticide guidelines. in 2011, 4% of the samples had illegal rest do yidues. >> that is 90% that have come back with intolerant amounts, or with nothing found on the
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commodity. so i feel pretty condition with what i'm consuming. >> so we need a case of those. >> reporter: but the data shows that some carry higher levels of pesticides than others, for example, snow peas had higher levels from guatemala. >> we have a really good track record of having produce with pesticides below tolerance. >> reporter: the majority of the food at west coast produce comes from the u.s. and mexico. and in the last 18 years, he has been in business, he says he only had pesticide problems a couple of times. >> i think maybe once or twice, so it is very, very rare. >> reporter: rare, but still a risk. a gamble with your health the state is not willing to take. stephanie tron, nbc bay area news. okay, we may break records
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in terms of weather. we'll get oh, so close in terms of weather, in napa, 80 degrees, 79 in gilroy, and 79 in livermore. and 67 in san francisco, from fog that was up against the immediate coast. right now temperatures are cooler, there is fog developing in san francisco up to navato, and we did have again, very warm temperatures. let's get you outside to the live high definition camera, in san francisco, not a lot of fog, but a sliver making it into the downtown bridge. and the north bay, also for the peninsula tomorrow. the storm track is out here. it is very frustrating. we need that rain. we have had just about two inches. that is it for all of 2013. we're really seeing drought conditions and the jet stream is poised right up into washington, where most of the rainfall will
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be. we've seen the pattern for the last two to five months, offshore, if you want it sunny and hazy, we'll get that in the next couple of days, and shorts weather mixed in. not bad, the pollen and haze out there. you can get outside and enjoy it, mainly 70s for the east bay, south bay and north bay. at the coastline, 50s, 60s, as we head throughout thursday we'll later get slight cooling. but here is the thing about the coast, while most of you will have 50s and 60s, there will be a spot that has the best beach weather tomorrow, that will be santa cruz, if you want to hit the beaches about noon to 4:00, that is when you will get the sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow, 42 in santa rosa, 49 in fremont, 48 in san jose, and also 47 in los gatos. and daytime highs on wednesday, topping out just a few degrees warmer. but that will make all the difference with 81 expected in
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gilroy, 78 in pasadena, and los gatos, in livermore, 78 in pleasonton, not quite 80 in san francisco, 73, close to it in santa rosa with 78 degrees. the three-day forecast, dry all the way through friday, with mainly again, mild temperatures the next couple of days. by this weekend, the numbers go down again. smooth sailing, the weather man is very happy. we have been able to add up the cloud cover, we want the rainfall. spring arriving wednesday of next week. and forecast models, the gfs model to be specific, now hinting at the chance here, maybe a quarter inch of rain next wednesday. >> we could use it. >> i'm very happy about it. >> i forget about gfs. >> we'll be right back.
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well, say good-bye to solyndra, and hello to seagate, the computer disk drive maker is putting its mark at the site of
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the former solyndra plant in fremont. you can see it clearly from 880. they bought it for $90 million. solyndra went bankrupt after it got a $35 million federal loan in 2009. the seagate facility will open in about a year and be home to 600 workers. and a new milestone in santa clara. >> that is right, new names are approved by the city council. one street will be called bill walsh drive. >> the 49ers's ownership really wanted to honor her because she is the major family participant, and honor bill walsh because he is one of the most storied coaches in football. this is a great way to celebrate the 49ers's history as they do move into the new santa clara stadium. >> the organization is also working on a hall of fame for
11:23 pm
the stadium, which is working on history of legacy for the team. we'll be right back with sports. for your first day?
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yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. good evening, i'm david feldman in the comcast sports net studios, the giants have already played 13 cactus league games this year, but the champs have not gotten the spotlight they deserve. we decided to change it, where you saw the highlights, although not as many giants highlights as we would like. tim lincecum back, with a blister, using pickle juice to help. down the right field line, katse, with an rbi triple. tim lincecum allowed three runs in two and a third innings. the padres win, 6-2, and players are keeping their phones nearby, and the raiders made a couple of tough calls today.
11:26 pm
but they made them anyway. oakland is cutting ties with two former first round picks. the first player released darrius bey, drafted in 2009, huff, also a first-round pick, 7th overall in 2006. onto the 49ers, where tight end delaney walker has reportedly agreed to a four-year deal with the tennessee titans, walker spent several seasons with the 49ers. and flying out of town, landing in philadelphia, 49ers insider matt maiocco reporting he signed for three years. sharks, blues, brent burns, first game back since february 23rd. second period, 2-1, blues, a minute to play, chris stewart scores on the empty net, second of the game. sharks lose 4-2, fourth straight loss for them.
11:27 pm
and some final notes, the a's win 6-3 in their game today over the royals. and the 49ers trade, bringing boldin to san francisco, and sending alex smith to the chiefs became official. that is sports, i'm dave feldman. >> did he say pickle juice? >> yeah, that is what they use, raj, pickle juice. >> thank you, feldy. >> robeson county.
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in a presch . it is a wrap, the hbo crew is packing up after a day of filming in palo alto. they were here to film a new tv pilot and spent about four hours shooting on university avenue between webster and waverly, apparently it is a comedy about a group of programmers trying to strike it rich in silicon valley, it was created by the
11:30 pm
makers of bevis and butthead. >> free weather forecast, every day of shooting. there you go, warm tomorrow, right along the peninsula in palo alto near 80 degrees, and cooling as we head throughout the week. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow night.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the incredible burt wonderstone," olivia wilde. from, "parks and recreation," nick offerman. the music of buddy guy and the experience hendrix all-star band.
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and "woulda, coulda, shoulda." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show!" nice to have you all here. very kind. thank you. thank you. you know -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. you know, we were on vacation last week. when i come back yesterday, i noticed nbc had really beefed up security. yet, despite that, i was still able to get on the lot.
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i was surprised. [ laughter ] well, the papal conclave had begun. they put up the chimney. and as you know, if there's white smoke, it means there's a a new pope. if there's black smoke, it means there hasn't been a a decision yet. if there's gray smoke, that means they're just, you know, burning evidence. [ laughter ] but, you know -- >> rickey: oh! >> jay: but it's exciting. it's exciting to watch. yes. [ cheers and applause ] actually, they're doing things a little different this year. for example, for the first time ever, the winner will be announced by michelle obama. [ laughter ] god, she's everywhere. i think -- i think she's doing too much. [ light laughter ] interesting -- the conclave -- this is the one election where no one ever talks about the jewish vote. have you noticed that? [ laughter ] and, of course, rumors are flying at the vatican. the latest one, according to the italian press, is that pope benedict did not retire. they say he was forced out by nbc. [ laughter ]

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